List Of The Top 20 Hottest Essay Topics Related To Society

The study of society offers a very wide range of topics. As with change in people’s behaviour and attitudes, not to mention the things which impact society, such as technology, the economy and government legislation, these topics go in and out of fashion. What is popular to write about this month could be superseded by something else in the near future.

Here is a list of society essay topics currently being written about in great numbers. Remember it’s possible to use one or more of these topics to spark another subject. The new topic could be related to the one you see listed but, if chosen, could give you an edge because it is unique.

  1. How women have become more powerful in business and politics.

  2. The changes in how governments view homosexuality and the rights of individuals regarding same-sex marriage.

  3. How communication has changed the way we behave thanks to the online world and the internet.

  4. The changing role of today’s media in shaping the way we see society today.

  5. Where once organ transplants were seen as risky and immoral, today they are readily accepted even encouraged through grants to science.

  6. With the rise of refugees, how is the term multi-culturalism being interpreted today?

  7. How does society react to home-grown terrorists whether carrying out their activities at home or abroad?

  8. What is the view of today’s society to the changing role of marriage?

  9. What do mean today by the expression, ‘the nuclear family” and has that definition changed over the years?

  10. Mental health and in particular depression has become a much talked about topic in society today. Why is that so?

  11. Should Third World countries continue to receive support from prosperous nations either by governments or NGOs?

  12. How has the change in laws regarding divorce impacted the life of marriages and what are the trends suggested to happen in the future?

  13. Has equal pay for equal work been achieved in today’s society?

  14. What does today’s society think about prison sentences?

  15. How is the death penalty regarded by different states in today’s society?

  16. Has euthanasia become more acceptable in today’s society?

  17. Why has serious crime increased dramatically in some cities and what does society think about the war on drugs?

  18. Does society feel the sale of junk food is a matter of freedom of choice?

  19. How has gambling on sport been able to pervade so many professional codes?

  20. Has the demise of many print newspapers resulted in society being less able to gain informed opinions?

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