Compelling Narrative Descriptive Essay Topics

It is essential to tell a story wherein the audience will have the opportunity to gain insight or learn a valuable lesson when writing a narrative descriptive essay. In addition, it matters to compose a paper that clearly describes someone, an even or an object in a vivid manner so that the target readers can feel that he or she could touch or reach what you are talking about.

There are numerous factors that you have to take in mind when you wish to come up with an effective and informative narrative descriptive essay and some of them include the following:

  • Narrate and describe a story that revolves around an event or moment that is quite significant to you. In so doing, this shall make it easier for you to narrate the story in a very engrossing manner.

  • Make sure to get right to the action. In a nutshell, this simply implies that it is fundamental to refrain from creating lengthy introduction as well as too detailed descriptions particularly at the start of your narrative.

  • Not to mention, your essay must come up with a main point. To put it simply, it is a must to describe what you have learned from the experience you are discussing.

  • Make sure to use all senses in order for you to clearly describe the characters, the setting and of course the plot of your story. Be reminded that you should not be apprehensive to narrate the story in your own voice. For sure, no one prefers to read a story that seems like a textbook.

Are you tasked to write a narrative descriptive essay and do not have a clear idea on how to get started and can’t think of great topics to tackle? Without question, thinking of what topic to write is always the hardest. Here are a few compelling topics for you to contemplate on:

  • An Encounter that Changed your Life

  • What you Learned about Love during your First Relationship?

  • A Paranormal Experience

  • A Certain Occasion when you Experienced Rejection

  • The Most Embarrassing Moment of your Life

  • A Time that you Took a Position on a Valuable Issue

  • A Life-changing Experience

  • An Experience that Changed your Point of View on a Controversial Issue

  • How a Child Taught you About What Really Matters?

  • The Experience of Being Lost

  • Meeting Someone New

  • A Realization that Marked a Turning Point in your Life

  • Learning a New Language

  • An Encounter with Someone you Were Afraid of

  • The Day you Decided to Change your Life

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