How To Create A Captivating Narrative Essay Title In 5 Minutes

It is not always that your teacher will provide a title for your essay. This means that you have to come up with the title instead. This is not the easiest thing you will be required to do. Most writers waste a lot of time making a decision on the title. In some cases, the absence of a title delays commencement of the writing process.

Coming up with a title should not be a difficult task. It is made simple if you follow these tips:-

  • Follow your Passion
  • Writing in an area you are passionate about makes the choice of a title easier to make. Passion ignites insight and creativity which makes it easy to generate a title. It is out of passion that you recognize areas that have not received sufficient attention and therefore focus on them.

  • Make it Relevant
  • Consider an area that is relevant to your field of study, current society, your target audience, etc. Relevance also points at a title that resonates with current affairs. You do not have to think about abstract issues when coming up with your title. General concerns and your surrounding are enough to generate a title.

  • Be Specific
  • A title should indicate boundaries that will guide your study and writing. These boundaries guide your research and writing process ensuring that you are not too general or too specific. A title that is too general will make your narrative essay weak since all issues will not be exhausted. On the other hand, a narrow title limits the content which in some cases ends up being insufficient.

  • Look for an Interesting Idea
  • That interesting idea you are ignoring in your head could make the most captivating title. Brainstorm on a number of ideas and choose the best. An interesting title arouses curiosity in the reader. It makes the reader want to peruse through the paper to the last page. This is especially important if you are dealing with a common topic. You have to make it so interesting that the reader forgets that it is a common topic. Your choice of words and the perspective you adopt will determine if the title is interesting or not.

It is easy to come up with a title for your narrative essay if you understand the content you are supposed to write about. By reading extensively, you will interact with many ideas which can be turned into titles. The title should be indicative of what is contained in the paper.

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