A Selection Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics For College

Anyone can write but writing a Persuasive essay requires skills and creativity, more so when coming up with a topic. This is because such essays are intended to change the thoughts and convince the reader in getting a given outlook about the topic. This is achieved through the use of argumentative skills to catch the attention of readers through detailed and thrilling writing. Here is a selection of good persuasive essay topics for college students.

Persuasive essay topics to write on

  • All freshmen should live in hostels so as to understand what college life really is before proceeding to subsequent years

  • Should student’s textbooks be replaced by notebook computers with the development in technology?

  • Students shouldn’t friend teachers and parents on Facebook and other social sites

  • Should lecture attendance be optional for students?

  • Exams should not be mandatory.

  • How will life be without exams?

  • Bullying can be advantageous as it can stimulate other students’ self-development.

  • Other than getting good grades, should students receive money for scoring well on standardized tests?

  • Should state colleges be free to attend?

  • Grades can’t measure students’ intelligence and performance

  • Is it necessary to teach handwriting in school now that most of the work is typed and not handwritten?

  • Do online students have better chances to cheat?

  • Wearing uniforms should be made mandatory.

  • Violent video games and juvenile delinquency.

  • Curbing drug and substance abuse menace.

  • Will one be able to get the amount of money spent on their education back?

  • Does one need a university degree to secure a given Job?

  • Should boys and girls be in separate classes? 

  • Should teachers have to wear uniforms or have a dress code? 

  • What are employers looking for in a college graduate?

Most important of all is being able to write a complete essay on the topic. Your essay should have topic sentences, followed by supporting details like examples and descriptions to explain further. The paragraphs should be connected to create a continuous flow of ideas.

A good conclusion is a must to sum up the main points in an argument. The best way to write a conclusion is restating the compelling main point and finish with appropriate parting words to keep the reader thinking long after they have finished reading.

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