The Best Way To Organize An Essay About Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is one of the most important writers to have come out of the Victorian times and, in fact, he is arguably considered to be one of the most important wordsmiths of all time, particularly in Western literature. In fact, he is probably the second most famous and well-studied British author, after Shakespeare.

Due to his popularity, many students will have to study at least one of his works during their time in education, which will often require them to also write an essay based on some aspects relating to him, or the work that he produced. Therefore, it can be useful to know how to organize an essay about Charles Dickens.

What to write about

Before you can start organizing the work, you will first need to know what you are going to write about. It might be that you are focusing on a particular novel that he has written or, alternatively, you may focus on something completely different. For example, you may focus on aspects relating to the private life of Charles Dickens. Equally, you may wish to compare the popularity of Charles Dickens with a different writer from the same time.

In order to come up with a good topic, it can be a good idea to brainstorm various ideas, and potentially even look through prewritten academic papers for inspiration. In fact, you do not have to limit yourself to prewritten academic work, as there are many other articles that can be very inspiring as well, including those written in newspapers, magazines, and for a wide range of different websites.

Structuring the work

The structure on your work will depend upon the style that you choose to use for your paper. For example, you might choose to write a compare and contrast essay, in which you try to look for the similarities and differences between two the novels written by Dickens. Alternatively, you might write an argumentative piece, in which you might choose to outline why you think a particular novel is better than all the rest. Equally, you may even choose to write a literature review, which will be particularly apt.

Generally, the different styles that you use will have the biggest impact on the body section of your work, which is where the main content will be. The other significant sections of your work will be the introduction, in which you will introduce the reader to the particular topic that you will be discussing, as well as the conclusion, which will highlight and reference other important points already brought up earlier on in your essay.

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