How To Begin Your First Five Paragraph Essay

Every day you have the chance to learn something new; you just have to know how to take advantage of this opportunity. Many students don’t pay attention to their assignments, since they don’t believe that this will help them in any way in the future. However, you have to understand that improving your skills is extremely important and your future career can depend on this. A five paragraph essay can seem scary if you did not write one before, but if you follow these guidelines you will know exactly how to start:

  • Decide how you want your essay to look like. There are many formats that you can use and many different types of structures. You can’t start your composition in a specific format, and try to change it as you write. It will be confusing for any reader and your professor will not be happy about this. Good planning is the key to good assignments.

  • State your topic clearly. It does not matter how long or short the composition is. In the first lines you have to say what are you writing about, why are you doing this and how you plan to do this. If the topic was chosen by you, you can talk a little bit about what made you focus on this specific issue. Of course, since you don’t have much space you don’t have to develop this idea too much. Keep it simple but make sure that you are explicit.

  • White the purpose of the composition. Okay, you are writing about this particular issue, but why? How will this help you or your classmates? Is there any point for them to listen to you when you read? Your text will bring any benefit in their life? It is important to write this in the beginning so they will be motivated to continue reading your text.

  • Present some methods of research that you used, but don’t reveal everything. It is vital to maintain the mystery if you want to gather more readers. You can tell them what methods you used to get information for your composition, but you will not tell them what results did you get. If they want to find out more, they will be forced to finish everything. Remember that all this needs to be written in very few words so the introduction is not longer than a paragraph.

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