Looking For 3rd Grade Compare And Contrast Essay Examples

Many students want to see an example before they get down to writing an essay. Indeed, it’s a good idea because it facilitates a better understanding of what and how you should write. Consider the following sources where you can get the samples for inspiration.

  • Writing labs.
  • One of the greatest places where you can find an example of a compare and contrast essay is an online writing center. Those centers provide help with different writing issues. Apart from sample works, you can get there a lot of manuals and handbooks on writing. You can even contact somebody from the writing lab staff who will explain general features of that type of writing and help you structure your paper properly.

  • Writing websites.
  • Although the services of the writing companies are paid, you can find a lot of free writing samples on different topics on their websites. Use your search engine to get links to those writing websites; look for a section with sample works and find the type of essay you need. Read through those examples to get a general idea of how your paper should look like.

  • Libraries.
  • You can find a good example in the database of some libraries. Some of them have an open access while the others require membership.

  • Your teacher’s website.
  • Many teachers have created their personal blogs or websites where they post additional reference material for their students. It can be different guidelines, instructions, or recommended literature. Teachers have got a whole collection of students’ essays and they usually like to publish their favorite ones to make them available for other students. Use those works for inspiration when writing your essay.

  • Online resources.
  • There are plenty of different articles and even video material on how to write different academic papers. They provide not only step-by-step instructions but also illustrate how some structure elements or the whole essays should be written.

  • Student forums.
  • There are special websites where students can ask each other for help. You can visit those forums and ask older students to share their works they wrote in the 3rd grade. Make sure the paper you get had a good or excellent mark. Remember, that you’re not allowed to copy any part of that work.

  • Blogs.
  • The Web is full of diverse blogs dedicated to different disciplines. Check those dealing with the language use, writing skills, and grammar. They usually contain a lot of articles providing information on effective writing. Bloggers often publish their own works which you can use as templates.

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