Tips For Students: An Outline For Writing A Persuasive Essay

Writing a persuasive essay can be one of the more challenging assignments a student might encounter, and without the right attitude or tools he or she may have a difficult time effectively expressing a well-thought academic argument. One of the best methods is to develop an outline for writing this kind of assignment. Here are a few tips for students to know before starting the project:

Choose an original and interesting topic

The first step in composing a great persuasive essay is choosing an original and interesting topic. Most educators will provide students with a list of topics to choose from, but if you have the opportunity to choose one of your own be sure that it is unique and a topic that will keep you interested throughout the research process. It might be a good idea to run your ideas by your instructor to ensure you’ve chosen one that meets all of the assignment’s requirements.

Conduct some preliminary research

One of the best tips for students taking on this kind of assignment is to devote some time to do a little preliminary research. This doesn’t have to be involved as the research you do when you are at the library. Simply going online to find some background information should be sufficient to get you the kind of information you need to write a great persuasive essay.

Brainstorm and organize your best points

Gather your research notes and spend at least a half hour brainstorming some ideas. You don’t have to develop your full argument for your persuasive essay but it would help to cluster your thoughts so that you know how you can arrange your outline for the most effectiveness.

Organize all of your content in an outline

Take all of the information you have brainstormed and arranged and organize it into an outline you can use to craft your rough draft. This is one of the key stages towards writing a great persuasive essay as it lets you arrange your discussion points in an effective and logical way.

Rearrange your outline after writing a draft

After you’ve written a first draft for your persuasive essay assignment you should take a look at your outline and find a way to re-craft it is so that you argument is more logical and develops more effectively. This second version of this should be consulted frequently as you write a revised copy of your assignment.

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