Good Essay Topics: A List Of Fresh Examples For College

Essay writing is an important skill that students are supposed to learn even in their early grades. However, the length and complexities of the essay will differ in accordance to the education level. As you go higher in your grades, you will be required to compose some lengthy and more difficult essays. The essay topic will depend on the teacher as well as your current institution. With so many essays ranging from the comparison to the argumentative essays, the essay subject can differ as per the demographic differences.

How to choose a topic

Making a choice of an essay topic is an important part of the process when you hire a professional to write my essay for money. After choosing a topic, you will find the other part easy. All you will need to do is to research and also explain the topic. You should remember that the first part of the essay that the reader will see is the topic and therefore it should be able to grasp the reader’s attention and keep them hooked to the paper. However, there are many students who consider it difficult to make a choice of a topic due to the lack of creativity.

Creating a prompt

When choosing an essay topic, you will need to begin with creating some ideas. Come up with a list of things that pop up in your mind and ensure that you have narrowed down the topic to one that interests you most. It is also important for you to compare the knowledge you have on different topics to make a choice for one which you are most comfortable with. Consider the things you like or don’t like to do and use them. Here are some top essay topics that you can consider for an argumentative essay.

  1. The effect of computers on personal, marketing and business field.

  2. Is computer use in the elementary schools a good thing?

  3. What are the effects of the internet?

  4. Has online tutoring decreased the importance of the traditional classes?

  5. Should video games be used as learning aids?

  6. Identity chips: Should they be used?

  7. Should technology be used to clone animals and humans?

  8. Should drones be used to develop projects outside the military?

  9. Should technology be used to create children that are disease-resistant?

  10. The development of cars that drive themselves: Is this a good thing or not?

  11. Should technology be blamed for the increase in mental illnesses?

  12. The use of nanotechnology and its impact on our lives

  13. Is our dependence on computers, smartphones and tablets healthy or it’s too much?

  14. What is the impact of genetically-modified foods?

For more topic ideas, you can get aid on the web.

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