How To Write An Essay On The Issue Of School Bullying

The issue of school bullying has led to a number of debates across the U.S. and other parts of the world. It’s prevalence in media and in other places means there is a lot of content one can use to write a really good essay for any course dealing with the matter. Here are some tips for writing a great paper on this controversial issue:

Conduct Some In-Depth Research

Start by doing some background reading on the hot school bullying topics. Consider several different sources and try to get a well-rounded picture about the issue. Make a list of academic resources for you to check on your own, and always be sure that the material you are using for reference is current

Draft an Original Thesis Statement

Take your ideas and come up with a few thesis statement options. Narrow your focus so that you don’t overwhelm yourself with too broad a topic. Your thesis statement doesn’t have to be perfect at this point, it merely should provide you with a clear and direct argumentative statement you can use to help guide you as you write the first draft.

Start Writing Your First Draft

Don’t wait until the last minute to get started writing your paper. Even if you don’t feel all of your thoughts are in order, writing a first draft will help you in the creative process. According to most professional writers, the most effective technique for writing a draft is to do so quickly and efficiently. This means you shouldn’t waste time going back and making corrections. Keep writing without stopping.

Revise the Content of Your Paper

The first draft of your essay will be far from perfect, so you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to improve upon your writing by skipping out on the revision process. Revise your paper a day or two after writing the first draft so that you can be more self-critical about what changes you need to make to improve your argument. It might be structure or logical. Perhaps you need to rearrange some paragraphs or delete some in their entirety.

Edit and Proofread Your Work

Finally, don’t forget to completely edit and proofread your essay on school bullying before submitting it to your instructor. Any mistake in grammar, punctuation or spelling can lower your grade. Also using confusing or complex words and sentence structures can make your paper too difficult to read.

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