How To Write An Essay Better: Best Techniques From An Expert

Writing a better essay is something almost every student would love to learn how to do. Since essay writing is a commonly assigned piece of homework in almost every school, the desire to tune up on writing skills and learn some better techniques is widespread. If this sounds like you, you are in luck because expert techniques are soon to be yours; just keep reading.

  • Read other people’s papers and essays. Reading other material written by academic writers in a scholarly fashion can be a real boost to your own writing style. It gives you a peek into how successful students write. It also increases your vocabulary and brings words and definitions into your head as you read and study that are easier to use when the time comes for you to need them. Don’t just focus on your own field. Although this is important, you should also read from a large variety of subjects to open your view and increase your possibilities.

  • Read current as well as past media. Especially search out the editorial or opinion pieces and dissect how the author has presented the evidence to their claims. Be critical as well as analytical as you read and study these pieces. You are trying to see a balanced picture.

  • Build your vocabulary as you go along, and use your words properly and with correct meaning. This will help you express your ideas and communicate clearly and succinctly. Don’t over-use or pad your words with a lot of excess. Readers don’t like their time being wasted reading more words than they need to have the message conveyed to them. In other words, practice writing that isn’t rambling.

  • Keep a thesaurus as well as a dictionary close at hand. Use the old-fashioned paper style books or keep a tab open on your browser with these handy references available as you type.

  • Learn how prefixes, suffices change meanings for the roots of words. This will help you in choosing the words that will be the most effective in any given circumstance. Start a list of words that help you in developing an argument, a common essential component of an academic essay. Some examples are moreover, however, furthermore and additionally. Their use helps you to avoid overusing simpler words.

  • Check and double check your syntax and punctuation. This point can single-handedly bring a poor essay from the brink of destruction to sparkling brilliance. Try it.

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