A List Of Outstanding Persuasive Essay Topics For 8th Graders

There are many essay types and each has its unique purpose in both the academic and entertainment world. One popular type of essay is the persuasive essay and like its name says, it’s usually used to convince the readers of a particular idea or opinion by providing them with a better understanding of a particular topic or situation.

When writing any essay, choice of topic is very important, a bad topic choice could make an otherwise simple task a, a serious challenge. One must be careful to select a topic that has enough available information on it to make writing a complete paper possible, as well as being interesting enough to inspire the writer to work with it. The following is a list of interesting persuasive essay topics for 8th graders that you might find interesting:

  1. Why man should return to the moon and attempt to set up a human colony there where we could take advantage of perfect weather condition of use of solar panels to generate electricity.

  2. Why I love birds and why I can’t stand to see them locked up inside cages.

  3. An accomplishment of the human race that I am extremely proud of.

  4. The effects of popularity on children not included in these circles.

  5. What I admire most about my teachers and the way they teach and interact with students.

  6. Ten reason why I think the school systems should be changed to shorter class times and more time spent in nature and activities outdoors.

  7. The effect of the focus on memorizing facts in today’s science based subjects as they are taught in schools.

  8. They ways I would change the world if I had the power to do anything at all.

  9. What are the qualities of the human race that you would not enjoy explaining to a superior alien species should you encounter one?

  10. The value of photographs in our daily lives.

  11. Put yourself in the place of any insect of your choice. Describe the benefits of this type of existence.

  12. Reasons why this generation should be the first humans to colonize the planet Mars.

  13. What would you say is the cause for the difference in wealth in populations around the world?

  14. What invention will you like to see come into existence during your lifetime and why do you think it is necessary?

  15. The most extreme experience of my life.

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