Top 25 Creative Narrative Essay Topics To Discover

Narrative essays are meant for creative people. They give a great freedom to write things that may not be logical to most but still inspire a sense of fun. Best yet, they are multi faceted. You can be as deep and meaningful or even tragic as you like or you can write something frivolous. Whether the reader cries or laughs is up to you and depends on the topic you decide to write.

If you are looking for a creative narrative essay consider these tips:

  • Write with your audience in mind
  • Will you be reading this to your writers’ circle or will this be handed in to a teacher? Some audiences are more interested in one angle than another. If you are writing for yourself, the only person to consider is you but this is rarely the case.

  • Think of what has been overdone
  • If you want to write creatively, you cannot stick to all of the familiar themes. You will have to try what others have not and succeed at it. This means you should consider brainstorming with people who think differently to you.

    With those tips in mind, you might end up with a few topics like these:

  1. How I taught myself to dance one long and lonely summer

  2. The day I walked the surface of the moon while dreaming

  3. Waking up after a botched cosmetic surgery procedure and seeing my new face

  4. My last meal before my wrongful execution

  5. Visiting Atlantis

  6. The day I visited the Amazon on a river boat cruise

  7. The morning after being bitten by a radioactive insect and gaining superhuman powers

  8. My pet the antelope

  9. Learning to not be an only child after 16 years

  10. Coping with unexpected celebrity as an agoraphobic

  11. Conquering hoarding through faith in God

  12. How I plan to buy my first home

  13. Winning the lottery on my 18th birthday

  14. Career day as a refuse disposal technician

  15. The day I saved the planet

  16. The first thing I remember in my whole life

  17. The day I got my online degree before graduating high school

  18. If I could make processed sugar illegal

  19. Playing with fire and getting burned

  20. My experiences with imaginary time travel

  21. How I mastered the ukulele in a week

  22. The day I invented the next big thing in social media

  23. Letting go of my anger

  24. My experiences with teenage pregnancy

  25. Being the least favorite camp counselor

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