Essay Topics On Advertisement In Media: 10 Questions To Explore

There have been advertisements in newspapers the moment companies and corporates realized that the newspapers reach several people and that the publishing company would be in need of intermittent funds. This is one of the reasons you will find advertisements on the earliest of newspapers. These advertisements can be both of products and services and there are several things that you may need to watch out for before trying to register a comment.

Print and electronic media

You will find that advertisements are prevalent both in print and electronic media. The advertisements in electronic media are generally in the form of videos and the advertisements in print media are in text and pictures. This means that you will have to make the most of the available spaces before you comment on any.

The start should be done with the best topics in the business. Here are 10 topics that will get you started.

  1. The print and electronic media have treated advertisement differently. Elucidate

  2. There are some very unique features of the electronic media that can be debated upon. Explain

  3. Comment on how real estate is one of the most advertised industries in both print and electronic media

  4. There is a surge in advertising full pages in popular news dailies: what brings about this surge?

  5. How do you relate to the advertisements that often appear in newspapers?

  6. Evaluate some of the most common discrepancies in the way newspapers are advertising real estate that is beyond the reach of common men

  7. Should the electronic media be more sensible when advertising products that are meant only for adults

  8. Is there a need for a mandatory disclaimer before advertisements that involve stunts performed by trained professionals

  9. Should the censor board also take care of the advertising in media that are beyond the control of parents?

  10. Is it true that corporate funded advertisements are given higher priority over the state run ads in electronic media?

At the end of the day, the topic that you choose for the essay should reflect the way you have been going about it in the first place. There are some that believe in greater importance to jobs that are created online. You should also make an attempt to ensure that the advertisements you read in newspapers should relate to your sphere of interests. That would generate greater reader interest in the essay.

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