Five Points To Consider About The Way You Organize An Essay

Organization is the key to any well written assignment. As long as you are organized there is really no way you can do poorly unless you are careless and don’t follow your own guidelines. Here are five points to consider about the way you organize an essay.

  1. Make sure you completely understand your assignment. This may sound ridiculous but if you don’t do exactly as you professor wants you will lose points needlessly. If you understand you assignment completely, then your grade will stand on your input. Make sure you know what kind of essay and if there are any topic guidelines. Once you pick a thesis statement, make sure you run it by your instructor to make sure you are thinking the same way he is.

  2. You need to find a topic and a thesis statement. This is, of course, the most important step of your essay. If you don’t choose this well, your grade will be directly affected. My suggestion would be to begin researching your topic. As you are researching your topic, you will begin to see your thesis statement form. This will happen if you are patient and concentrate on your topic as you research. If you can’t find much research, you may consider changing topics. Create your thesis statement based on your research. You will probably have a good sense now on how you want your entire essay to evolve.

  3. Research, research, and research some more. The more research you have, the better your essay will be. You will be assured of having an accurate, thorough, and interesting essay with research to back it up.

  4. Create an outline. This is also extremely important to make sure you stay on task and create an essay that has good flow and doesn’t stray off topic. If you create an essay you will also remember to incorporate all of the important information you intended into your essay. The outline is like a roadmap of your essay from beginning to end. Include all of your important information in it as well as all of the components for the essay so you don’t leave anything out.

  5. Write your rough draft. This is easy once you have the outline to follow. After you have written your rough draft, have someone else read it over and give advice on any changes that need to be made. Then write your formal draft and check for spelling and grammar. Voila! You are done!

These are five points to use when you are creating an essay. If you follow these, you will have no problem creating a great essay that will serve whatever purpose you intended.

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