Essay Topics On Moral Ethics: 27 Controversial Questions

There are many controversial questions that you can use as the basis of an essay, particularly when the topic you will be discussing is moral ethics. For example, the following outlines 27 possible suggestions.

  1. Is it morally right to allow people with incurable diseases to end their lives?

  2. Is it morally acceptable to carry out potentially life-threatening surgery on one Siamese twin, when the other is perfectly healthy?

  3. Is it morally acceptable to steal food to feed your children, if they would otherwise starve?

  4. Is it morally acceptable to lie in order to save someone’s feelings from being hurt?

  5. Due to wrongs ever make a right?

  6. Is it morally ethical to illegally download music that you have bought in the past on CD?

  7. Is it morally right to fight a war in order to encourage peace?

  8. Is it morally right to refuse refugees safety?

  9. Does religion have a part to play when deciding moral ethics?

  10. To what extent are national laws based on moral ethics?

  11. Can moral ethics be corrupted?

  12. Does everyone have their price?

  13. Discuss the use of moral ethics in relation to the Hippocratic Oath

  14. Is it morally right to have an abortion to prevent a child from growing up in poverty?

  15. Is it morally ethical to have an abortion for a pregnancy that was caused as a result of rape?

  16. Is it morally right to abort an unborn child if it is discovered that they have serious health problems?

  17. Is it morally acceptable to choose the gender of unborn children through scientific means?

  18. Is it morally ethical to be a vegetarian what is that simply prevent animals from being born and bred in the first place?

  19. Is it morally right to force a gender identity on young children from birth?

  20. Is it ever morally acceptable to discriminate against someone based on their gender?

  21. Our people more or less aware of morals and ethics in the 21st century and they were in the 20th century?

  22. How have morals and ethics changed as a result of the development of the Internet?

  23. What influence does the media have on our morals and ethics?

  24. Compare and contrast moral ethics in two different countries

  25. Is it possible to agree with to opposing moral ethics at the same time?

  26. At what age should people be aware of moral ethics, and have a good understanding of what is right and wrong?

  27. Who determines moral ethics?

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