List Of 25 Good Topics For Compare And Contrast Essays

High school and college students now live in what is considered “The Information Age.” It is in their best interest to take advantage of all the information and research resources possible in order to efficiently learn and implement plans/mindsets for the future. Here is a list compiled of 25 great compare and contrast essay topics that students can utilize for writing, expressing their point of view, and seeing others point of view.

  1. What are the moral differences between Democrats and Republicans in America politics?

  2. Are the diets between organic and non-organic meat eaters vastly different?

  3. How have past generations been raised differently than Millennials?

  4. Did the success of Apple become better or worse when Steve Jobs returned the 2nd time?

  5. Why are other countries able to provide college/healthcare at different rates than America?

  6. What are the major differences between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders?

  7. Has the rate of income changed proportionally 10 years ago compared to now in America?

  8. Are video games the reason why kids are growing up with violent mindsets or is it movies?

  9. Which social media outlet is more beneficial for small business/entrepreneur marketing? Snapchat? Instagram? Facebook? LinkedIn?

  10. Are Apple iPhones superior to other Android brand phones on the market?

  11. What are the major differences between an iPad and Kindle Fire tablets?

  12. Should individuals purchase their clothes from online or in person to save money?

  13. What are the major differences (political wise) between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz?

  14. How can the American economy become similar to Denmark’s economy?

  15. Which President did the best in regards to rejuvenating the American economy, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama?

  16. Which video game console is better: Xbox One or PlayStation 4?

  17. Should America follow suit with France by labeling food sold in grocery store GMO altered if they fit the bill?

  18. How different are Apple products compared to Microsoft products?

  19. Are strict gun laws better or worse in violent stricken cities in the United States?

  20. If the minimum wage for general labor is raised to $15 an hour, should other professions that require more skill(s) raise their wages as well?

  21. What is different between reading physical hard copy books and e-books?

  22. Can Hillary Clinton provide the same progressive results that her husband Bill Clinton did if she is elected as President?

  23. Is feminism better or worse compared to the traditional ideology of past generations?

  24. Is laser surgery more beneficial than wearing prescribed eyeglasses?

  25. Can the communist agenda that works in other countries work in America?

Although this is not an exhaustive list of topics, perhaps one of them will help you write your compare and contrast essay. Use these ideas to spark your imagination and your essay will be written before you know it!

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