Good Argument Essay Topics For College Students Who Major In Management

  1. Team Building. Consider why one method of team building is better than another. Highlight the positives of the this method and support with empirical evidence.

  2. Business Management & IT. Give a strong case that supports the way that Business Management tactics has revolutionized Information Technology.

  3. Positive Leadership Skills. Outline the idealized skills that are needed to promote leadership in positions of management.

  4. Waste Management. Offer an idealized plan for coping with the management, support the model by illustrating the downfall of other models.

  5. Efficient management of Human Resources. Is too much time and energy spent on Human resources, argue the need to downsize a HR department.

  6. Are Managers always effective Leaders? Deal with the lack of management training and selection on leadership courses. Do middle managers pick up the slack?

  7. Stress reduction in the work place. The importance of both coping and reducing stress management in the work place. Give solutions that have worked well.

  8. The Importance of managing a good network of contacts. This should include how you keep your contacts once you have made them.

  9. Making growth plans. Base your plans for the growth and expansion of your company on the hypothetical statistics for the previous financial year.

  10. Argue the expansion of your company for its relocation to another country. Look at cost of relocation and employment of a local workforce in comparison to not moving.

  11. Discuss the difficulty of upholding the current good standing in Health & Safety if the investment in training is reduced. Needs to be based on empirical evidence.

  12. The importance of time management as a strategy for company growth and efficiency. In your argument consider the cost of such an investment in time and money.

  13. How essential is it for senior management to have training in project management? Present the reasons why this would be a good idea.

  14. Present the case for solid team building exercises. Team building is an important aspect of management and needs careful presentation that is backed by solid evidence.

  15. The definition of a good manager. Pick out the most important skills that are needed and what happens when a manger does not possess these skills.

  16. The process by which management can promote good communication between workers. Highlight how these skills can be used between companies as well.

  17. Present the management skills that are needed to improve the profit margins within a company. Focus on how these skills defined and how are they developed.

  18. Present an argument for the training of senior management in education and compare to the senior management of another industry. Put forward a compelling case.

  19. By reducing stress levels in the workplace, it improves both communication and productivity. Find appropriate examples as well as give empirical evidence.

  20. How can knowledge based systems improve efficiency? You need to be very persuasive in presenting the arguments for this.

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