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Top 20 Persuasive Essay Topics To Look Into

A persuasive essay is a type of argumentative writing; however, it doesn’t require absolute facts and substantial evidence to support your ideas and viewpoints. The main purpose is to convince the reader that your opinion is correct. At the same time, you should prove why the alternative isn’t valid. Generally, your task lies not in pleasing advocates or attacking opponents, but in winning over those who sit on the fence. Persuasive writing is commonly used by politicians, journalists, advertisers, and bloggers. Often, it’s aimed to provoke thought and induce people to act.

How to choose a topic for your essay? It should primarily concern a burning issue relevant to present-day society. Think of a problem you’re interested in or one that arouses controversies. The following list of topics will assist you in finding something really vital to speculate upon:

Choose the one you care about, the one you’re willing to examine from different angles, and the one you’ll be able to research effectively. Your next step, after picking out a theme, is to decide what position to choose—for or against. Then think about your audience, what they expect to read and what arguments will work on them. Are they of two minds or do they support one of the sides? To effectively persuade the reader you’ll need to ground your views, so read up on your subject, use different sources to have a clear understanding of two contrary opinions, and provide evidence and references. Remember to stick to your standpoint through the whole text.

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